By appointment, via FaceTime, Zoom, or Google Duo. Contact me for rates and further inquiry. 

Maintain your Yoga Practice

So because of coronavirus, you’re staying at home and not able to exercise as usual, and that’s frustrating. 


Look, I get it. These are unprecedented times. 

The tricky thing for a lot of us, (myself especially), is that movement - working out, and exercise classes - are what we do to keep ourselves sane. 

Only now, we can’t go to the gym or to our favorite class. 


But guess what?  


I'm offering virtual privates, where I will give you real-time feedback on form and alignment. 

Why Online 1:1, when there are so many free options? 

Good point. But you will probably find that : 

1. It's really hard to be disciplined, 

2. You will get distracted by the other six tabs open on your computer, 

3. Taking an online yoga class is a one-way interaction, 

4. With so much free content online, it's difficult to COMMIT to something. You need this commitment to yield benefits. 

Plus. You can't get modifications or corrections. You won't hear my jokes. 

These 1:1 private sessions makes you accountable as I will literally be showing up for you and holding you to your exercise.

I truly believe that in times like these, we need to establish - and follow a routine. 

My usual hourly rate applies.

Our session is still a complete yoga practice. 

I am still spending the same amount of time thinking about your unique needs to develop your sequencing, and still leveraging the same skills I have developed over a long period of time.
The attention you get is the same as an in-person session. 


Online sessions do not require any less time, expertise, or investment from this side of the teaching equation. 

But those of you without work or on limited income, let me know. We'll work something out.

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